bbc cc email 電子郵件中的CC和BCC分別代表什么?

而在TO 和CC欄中的收件人看不到BBC的收件人名
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How To BCC In Outlook
CC recipients will also include in email header, so it will be visible by all recipients. While bcc email recipient will not be able to see other recipients from the email header. How to Add BCC to Outlook 2010 This is default new mail compose box, which you will
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What do CC and BCC stand for in an email?
When you put an email address in the CC or “carbon copy” field it means that a copy of the email you are sending will also be sent to that address. When you put an email address in the BCC or “blind carbon copy” field it means that a copy of the email you are sending will also be sent to that address, but no one receiving the email will be able to see the address in the BCC field.
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What do CC and BBC stand for in an email?
A CC is a way to send an email to multiple people, and a BBC will not show those people who you are sending in the email. What does CC stand for when emailing? The term CC in email stands for
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Cc: and BCc: Reply Expectations
· If the others in the Cc: field will not benefit or do not need to know the content of your reply, remove their email addresses before replying. If you are Cc:’d, Reply To All is rarely prudent. In many cases comments will not contribute to efficient email communications for all involved.
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Email etiquette 101: Using Bcc vs. Cc
Enhance an email’s urgency: By “Cc-ing” higher-ups in the company, the “To” recipients will understand that the email is important. For example, you might “Cc” your boss when requesting that a client sends over time-sensitive information.
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Bcc vs Cc – Difference and Comparison
In e-mail terminology, Cc stands for “carbon copy” and Bcc stands for “Blind carbon copy”.The difference between Cc and Bcc is that carbon copy (CC) recipients are visible to all other recipients whereas those who are BCCed are not visible to anyone. To specify
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How to use Cc and Bcc in email on iPhone, iPad, and …

· This step by step guide covers how to use Cc and Bcc in email on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This guide will also apply to most any email client. Whether you’re new to the Apple ecosystem, or just
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E-mail versturen: het verschil tussen ‘Aan’, ‘CC’ en …

E-mail versturen: het verschil tussen ‘Aan’, ‘CC’ en ‘BCC’ Bij het versturen van een e-mail heb je drie opties bij het invullen van de e-mailadressen: ‘Aan’, ‘CC’ en ‘BCC’. Waar staan ze voor en wat zijn de verschillen? BCC staat voor ‘Blind Carbon Copy’, wat een
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Email. Află ce înseamnă “Cc:” şi “Bcc:” şi care este …

Dacă folosiţi email-ul în mod frecvent şi trimiteţi mesaje la mai multe persoane atunci trebuie neapărat să învăţaţi care este diferenţa dintre “Cc” şi “Bcc”, pentru a evita situaţii neplăcute. “Cc:” este precurtarea de la “carbon copy” (copie de informare).
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What is “CC” and “BCC” at yahoo mail composing?
· CC = carbon copy which means you make a copy to another email/person this person can see who else you made the email to. BCC= blind carbon copy it means just what it says the same as above but they cannot see who else you made the email to other than
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Make Contact Groups with CC and BCC in Outlook
The CC group has a space between the colon and ‘CC’. That puts the CC entry above the BCC version. Sending emails Now you have three groups, sending a mass email is a lot faster. Just type the group names into the three mail fields.
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Sending email with CC BCC and sender’s address in unix …

what i tried to do was to write the cc and bcc into a file along with the email message. then set up the mailx -r. When the email has been sent, ~c [email protected] and ~b [email protected] are included as the email body, not as cc and bcc. Thanks – Kyaw Lwin Phyo Apr 11 ’12 at 5:42
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Email and webmail
· Email and webmail There are two main types of email, client-based email and webmail. Client-based email is often used by business users and involves the email being downloaded from a …
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What does CC Mean in Email
· The CC and BCC fields in an email are nifty features of the core email technology, but they’re often under-utilized as their meaning is not clear to many users. Here’s what the CC and BCC means in an email and how to use it.
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Auto BCC in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 with simple rules

Copy your outgoing e-mails automatically Set up a BCC rule in Outlook for all your outgoing messages. Create rules for different profiles and accounts Send BCC from certain Outlook accounts when specified conditions are met. Use key phrases for each condition Set key phrases and add exceptions to your BCC or CC …
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Remove cc/bcc from new emails
· Question: Q: Remove cc/bcc from new emails HI, when I send an email, I always get a cc/bcc copy back. I see that when I create a new email, the cc/bcc line has my address set up.
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電子郵件中的CC和BCC分別代表什么? CC 英文全稱是 Carbon Copy(抄送) BCC英文全稱是 Blind Carbon Copy(暗抄送)。兩者的區別在于在BCC欄中的收件人可以看到所有的收件人名(TO,CC,BCC)